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Monday, May 16, 2016

Whirlwind Tour of Central Europe....Week I

The plan has always been to take the month of May to travel in Europe, and the task of planning the trip fell into my lap because Rick was focused on making the reservations for our Alaska trip and buying a truck...both of which are very time consuming when you are trying to make arrangements from Europe.  I was happy to take on the task, as I enjoy researching places to visit and scoping out lodging and restaurant options (particularly the latter).

So back in February, I started planning our route.  We knew that we wanted to see my French mother in Mouscron, so we decided that would be our first stop after leaving Angers.  The only other place that was definite was where we would be dropping our car, Amsterdam.  We had twelve different Mercedes drop off points to choose from, so we checked the airfares from all the cities on the list, and that is how we ended up in Amsterdam.  So we had our starting point (Mouscron) and our ending point (Amsterdam).  With 30 days to play with, I had a lot of fun begin filling in the points in between!  I was given a "budget" to follow, which has become a joke between us, because I have a tendency to call it the "quote budget"....something that Rick does not find very amusing!

Anyway, here is the route we decided on for Part I .... April 30th through May 6th:

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