Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Beginning of our Transatlantic Journey

After an uneventful morning in Brooklyn, we loaded our luggage into a taxi to take us to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.  We were I was a little anxious about our luggage, as Rick’s bag was way over the 22kg maximum weight!  I never realized what a clotheshorse my husband was!  Fortunately when we arrived at the cruise terminal, we had a very strong porter who did not seem phased by the weight and was pleased with the bribe tip.

After getting situated on board, we made our way to the outer decks to check out the pools, view, etc.

After a long life vest drill, the ship finally departed from the port.

What a beautiful afternoon to set sail in NY harbor.  
As we started to pull out of the port, I started to get weepy.  It totally took me off-guard, as I was not expecting this emotion.  But the reality of what we were about to do really took hold, and I realized that I was not going to be back in the US for a year.  Since I knew that we were not going to have cell phone service once we left the harbor, I quickly called my mother to tell her we were on our way.  I held back the tears as I talked to her…. but she could hear the homesickness in my voice.  She gave me some reassuring words, and then I could not help but laugh as I looked out on the deck and saw Joanie’s skirt practically up over her head.  It was very windy, and she could not keep her skirt down.  I needed that comic relief to break the wave of sadness that had crept in so suddenly.  Fortunately, Joanie had on a cute pair of undies!!  Several other passengers were also having wardrobe malfunctions, and those were not quite so pretty!

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