Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nous sommes arrivés!

We have arrived in Paris!
It is hotter than ever here, with no ac, but I am just so happy to be here, I do not care!
Love the apartment….it is in a great location and has a great balcony overlooking the street.

Rick is in the other room snoring away….and it is 6:30pm!  The heat has sucked the life out of him…..oh, and the 5:00am wake up this morning to catch the train to Paris.
We had a little bit of a scare last night because we found out that the Eurostar train were on strike and that the workers in Calais, France (the entry into France) were lighting fires on the tracks to prevent trains from entering into France from London.  Several trains were canceled yesterday, and it was questionable as to whether things would be resolved by this morning.

The good news is that there were no issues….except for the fact that my luggage jammed in the X-ray scanner because it was too fat!!!  Not kidding!  They had to reroute passengers to other lines while they reset the system!  How embarrassing!
Once we arrived in Paris, it took over an hour to get from the Gare du Nord to our apartment in the 6eme….the traffic was horrible.  We are super glad that we do not have a car until after we leave here.

We have already done some preliminary grocery shopping.  I put that in bold, to alleviate any concerns that mon chéri might have.
Rick had a weak moment and got Joanie one of her favorites.

Tonight, we will have a “picnic” dinner….baguette, cheese, sausage, and red wine.  It’s much too hot to cook!

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