Monday, August 24, 2015

Headed to Angers today!

While most of our posts have been about things that we have recently done, this one is about the future.  The unknown.  The place that we will call "home" for the next eight months.

I have to admit that I am a little nervous.  We have put so much time and effort to getting to this point, and it is finally here.  Will we like Angers?  We have committed ourselves to a place that we have never been to before, in a foreign land, with 2/3 of our group not really speaking the native language.  And the other 1/3 of our group wishing she spoke better than she does!  I am starting to realize how insane this plan really is!!!

Will Joanie like school?  Will she make friends?  Will she come home crying the first day because she could not understand anything that was said to her?

While I enter into this next chapter with some trepidation, I know one thing for sure.  We will grow from this experience.  It may not be easy;  there may be tears;  there may be stressful moments.  Without all those things, one really does not grow.

I am not trying to be philosophical as I sit here at 7:00am, having slept very little after tossing and turning all night.  But whatever happens in the coming months, I need to remember one thing..... embrace everything.  

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